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Organizations in the utilities, oil and gas, telecommunications, transportation and other industries are constantly faced with the challenges of managing and monitoring a large number of distributed resources, and ensuring safe, secure and reliable performance of those resources. This challenge is compounded by the 24/7 flow of massive volumes of real-time data from multiple sources and geographies, all of which must be captured, combined with enterprise and environmental data, and distilled into intuitively meaningful and immediately actionable information. The failure to effectively harness this data poses numerous risks including the availability of public services, speed of emergency response, safety, efficiency, corporate reputation, and of course, profit.

The technology necessary to tackle these issues has simply not been available. Enterprise-caliber solutions that can effectively manage high volumes of location-based, performance data and vizualize it intelligently across space and time, have been absent from the market.

Until now.

Space-Time Insight is changing the way utilities and other organizations with critical assets manage their resources and respond to crises that impact operations, customer service, revenue and risk. From traditional transmission, communications and transportation networks to smart grids and smart cities, our next generation situational intelligence solution makes critical infrastructure smarter, safer and more reliable.  We enable enterprises to visualize and analyze their resources across location and time, rapidly respond to disruptions in service, and exceed performance and reliability goals.

Explore our site to learn more about our customers and partners, our solutions and products, and how situational intelligence is helping companies visualize their operations, analyze their data, and act in real-time to achieve results.

Space-Time Insight Clients
Space-Time Insight Clients

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