An expensive asset is about to fail. Do you fix it (again) and risk catastrophe and money, or can you justify replacing it?

Can you afford to make the wrong decision?

At Hydro One, the reliability and performance of 4.5 million
assets are consistently analyzed across 7 risk factors.

A fire is sweeping through your service area. Did you cause it? Are your customers and assets in danger? Are you at risk of being fined?

Immediate answers to your toughest questions

10-foot visual displays help the California ISO optimize energy prices, prepare for disasters, keep the state green and ensure the lights stay on.

Exactly where are your customers' goods? Can you deliver them more cost-effectively? How will the next storm impact service commitments?

Transform your operations. Crush the competition.

View locations and routes for any mode of transport and find innovative ways to provide faster and cheaper service.

Spending 80% of your time collecting data and 20% analyzing it? What would you do if all business, operational and external data was at your fingertips?

Find out what you've been missing

Make fast, informed decisions with a
360 degree view of your organization

Many businesses globally rely on
Space-Time Insight's real-time
visual analytics
software to acquire
actionable insight into big data.

Find out what situational intelligence
can do for your business

Top 10 Vendor to Watch

GTM Top 10

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Space-Time Insight chosen
as energy data start-up to watch

GigaOm chooses Space-Time Insight as start-up to watch
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Winner of Best Location
Intelligence Product Award

Winner of Best Location Intelligence Product Award
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Congratulations to the
California ISO

Space-Time Insight a Platts Global Energy Awards 2011 Finalist
Computerworld Honors Laureate

Top 200 Global Private Company

Top 200 Global Private Company
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California ISO

"Situational intelligence is key to our ability to maintain a high level of reliability as we integrate thousands of additional megawatts of green power into the grid." 

Steve Berberich
President and CEO
California ISO

Gartner Cool Vendor

Gartner named Space-Time Insight a Cool Vendor in Energy and Utilities

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California ISO

Peek inside Cal ISO's control center

Cal ISO control center uses situational intelligence
Watch the video

Space-Time Insight Clients
Space-Time Insight Clients

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